California's 10th: Working America

Fight’s contribution to CA10/Working America: $30K for CA10/Northern CA operations

“Politicians need an incentive to rush at their constituents, rather than at their donors… We are failing when 70% of campaign contributions are raised during the last two months of the election. That’s like buying plane tickets the day before you fly… If [campaigns] try to win elections in the last two months, they tend to be rent-seeking. You’re looking for very rich donors. The Fight model lowers the cost of winning elections by changing the way the elections happen”

-- Matt Morrison, Executive Director, Working America


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Given demographic shifts, California’s 10th is now a majority non-White district (46% white, 40% Latino and 8% Asian, 6% Black & Other).  In just two years, the Republican incumbent’s 12-point victory in 2014 was reduced to a mere 3-point victory in 2016.  Also notable: Hillary Clinton won the district by almost the same margin.  A strong candidate, Josh Harder, emerged from the Democratic primary in June. Picking up Hillary voters, and others concerned about healthcare and immigration, should lead to a win in CA-10.

538 Prediction: likely Democrat

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Working America was founded in 2003 to represent working class people without a union on the job. It has offices in 11 states, combining a strong field program with year-round campaigns.  CA-10 is Working America’s first major California effort, with 9 locally hired bilingual staff who have been working alongside over 300 volunteers since June. To date they have talked with over 50,000 voters and gained 20,000+ new Working America members in the process. A key to success is ongoing, repeated engagement with voters and Working America will continue to be a strong presence, talking to the voters about the issues through the election.

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Working America is deploying sophisticated canvassing techniques and Experimental Informed Programs (EIPs) in CA-10, including a “door-to-digital” campaign that enlists voters as members to keep them informed, and strong “accountability” canvassing, to help voters follow the incumbent’s record on key issues.  With an investment from Fight for a Better America, they can add even more EIPs to further test their messaging and target their efforts in this critical race.

Examples of Right Tactics + Results:

Used a research-based voter engagement model, knocked 120K+ doors, recruited 35K+ members.