California's 48th: Leadership Lab &   StandUp OC

The team that turned Orange County blue in 2016 for the first time in 80 years sets its sights on unseating Rep. Rohrabacher, and the group that pioneered deep canvassing  brings its persuasive skills to bear on the critical issues in the race.


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Orange County has been reliably Republican for decades, but Hillary Clinton prevailed in 2016. Incumbent Dana Rohrabacher’s margin of victory decreased 8 points between 2014 and 2016. He is even more vulnerable today, as his Russia ties draw fire from both sides of the aisle. In just one year, the race has moved from Likely R, to Lean R, to Toss-up on the Cook Political Report.  Rohrabacher’s struggles have attracted both Republican and Democratic challengers.  If progressives and moderates can coalesce around one of two leading Democratic candidates, there is a strong path to victory in November.

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Our two partners in CA-48, StandUp OC and Leadership Lab, bring deep knowledge of how to win in Orange County, as well as expertise in deploying research-backed deep canvassing to persuade swing voters. StandUp OC grew out of the Hillary Clinton campaign and has maintained an engaged volunteer base of nearly 800 people who continue to call, text and canvass on behalf of Democratic candidates locally and nationwide.  Leadership Lab has honed its deep canvassing model to authentically engage and persuade voters on a range of issues and is expanding to CA-48 for the first time.

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StandUp OC is coordinating volunteers for the Democratic Party of Orange County, including working with local resistance and political groups to ensure that efforts are as aligned and effective as possible. They are Getting Out the Vote with base voters and will do deeper data analysis to micro-target swing voters with an investment from Fight for Better.  Leadership Lab is currently leading non-partisan, issue-based canvasses in priority precincts; additional funding will allow them to add the partisan element (specifically connecting issues to the political parties) which will be critical to impacting the 2018 election.