Pilot investment: Flip the 49th!


In 2016, CA-49 was the closest congressional race in the country.

Fight for a Better America is partnering with Flip the 49th! Neighbors in Action to create a leadership and organizing engine that will flip Congressman Darrell Issa’s seat (R-CA) from red to blue in 2018.

San Diego is an opportune pilot site: the last House Democratic challenger lost by only about 1600 votes, while the majority of the District voted for the Democratic presidential candidate for the first time in recent history.

Given the importance of the race, strength of the partners, and rigor of the strategic approach, Fight provided $50,000 in initial seed funding to start Flip the 49th. Today, Flip the 49th and its partners are on track to engage and mobilize one third of the expected voters for the November 2018 race; and Flip the 49th is regarded as a “model” program, informing similar efforts across CA and beyond.
The Flip the 49th coalition is truly exceptional. The Action Council is comprised of prominent San Diego labor, Democratic party, and community leaders, and its founder, Dr. Terra Lawson-Remer, is a political economist and former senior advisor within the Obama Administration (U.S. Department of the Treasury).

Flip the 49th has built a hyper-local, neighbor-to-neighbor, engagement infrastructure using sophisticated precinct-level, geo-targeting to ensure that outreach efforts are appropriately targeted to the diverse “base” and “swing” voters most likely to be mobilized.

Fight’s funding provided critical, early investment in staffing, and training for neighborhood leaders in best-in-class voter engagement tactics. Flip the 49th has now trained hundreds of neighborhood leaders. From that initial investment, Flip the 49th has been able to secure more funding – and grow its coalition to include over 100 local, state and national organizations, who are aligning strategies and sharing resources.