New York’s 11th: Changing the Conversation Together

Deep canvassing finds a new home in New York, seeking to persuade moderate and conservative democrats in Staten Island and Brooklyn to return to their roots.


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In NY-11, though Democrats outnumber Republicans by nearly 20 points, many are socially conservative union members who resonate with Trump’s populist tone. However, the district went for Obama in 2012 and Cuomo in 2014, underscoring the potential power of Democratic voters.  The district is primarily located in Staten Island where Democrats have struggled to win, running Brooklyn-based candidates in recent elections. However, this year a strong Staten Island Democrat, Max Rose, is positioned to win back the district amid Republican anti-union efforts.


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Changing the Conversation Together (CTC) has brought pioneering, research-backed deep canvassing approaches to the east coast. CTC is led by Adam Barbanel-Fried, a professional organizer with 18 years of union, community, and political organizing experience locally and globally. His work has resulted in new school creation, development of affordable housing, and expansion of health care to thousands of low-income and marginalized people. In its first few months, CTC has trained over 75 volunteers and is knocking on hundreds of doors in its twice a month canvassing in Brooklyn and Staten Island.

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Deep canvassing is particularly critical in a district like NY-11, where connecting with voters to listen to their concerns and reignite common cause will be essential to a Democratic victory.  Investment from Fight for a Better America will support CTC’s deep canvassing efforts, the data work needed to identify and target the right persuadable voters and also the formation of a broader collaborative of organizations working together on voter canvassing, registration and GOTV, in a coordinated effort to win the district in 2018.